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The father of Trunks and the husband of Bulma, Vegeta shows a tough front but is full of pride. At first he is a villain, but like most villains in Dragon Ball, he is quick to join the "good" side. But even after Vegeta joins up with the Z fighters, he is still very reserved and won't accept pity. He doesn't talk to anyone much, and utterly despises Son Gokou. Vegeta can't stand him because of the simple fact that Gokou is stronger than him. So, Vegeta is constantly trying to be better, but never truely succeeds. He is the third (if you count Trunks) person to become a Super Saiyan, and one of only two to achieve Super Saiyan 4. You might be asking, "If Vegeta's heart isn't pure, how did he become a Super Saiyan?" The answer to that is simple: Vegeta does have a pure heart... it's just pure evil. He finally becomes truely good in the Majin Buu saga where we get to see a side of him that was once thought to be non-existent. He swallows his pride in a tough situation and acknowledges that Gokou is stronger than him. Vegeta might seem hard and cold on the outside... but, well, I guess he's that way on the inside too. But every series needs a badass, doesn't it?