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Pilot / Chang Wufei Production Site / L5 Colony Cluster
The Shenlong, the fifth Gundam created for Operation Meteor, was developed by Master O for the Long clan of the L5 colony cluster. The Shenlong's name means "God Dragon" in Chinese, reflecting the heritage of this proud warrior clan. The Shenlong Gundam is designed especially for melee combat, in which capacity it benefits from the martial arts skills of its pilot Chang Wufei. The Shenlong's main weapon is the beam glaive stored on its back, a long javelin-style weapon with far greater reach than a normal beam saber. Its most devastating armament, though, is the "dragon fang" built into its right arm. This unique weapon combines an extendable claw and a pair of medium-range flamethrowers. In a special "dragon fang fire" attack of Wufei's own devising, the Shenlong Gundam grapples its target with the claws and then fires the flamethrowers at point blank range, melting the enemy's armor like water.