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Pilot / Quatre Raberba Winner Production Site / L4 Colony Cluster
The Gundam Sandrock, created by Instructor H using the resources of the Winner family, is the fourth of the Gundams sent to Earth in Operation Meteor. This powerful, heavily-armored mobile suit is perfectly suited to the desert environments of the Winner family's Middle Eastern homeland. Its regal appearance also suits the noble heritage of its pilot, Quatre Raberba Winner. The Sandrock's primary weapons are its massive heat shotels. Thanks to its sheer power, the Gundam can wield one of these huge curved swords in either hand and strike with both simultaneously. The heat shotels can be combined with the Gundam's backpack and shield to form an immense pincer weapon called the "Cross Crusher." Though it's fearsome at close quarters, the Sandrock's only long-range weapons are the homing missiles in its shoulders, supplemented by the standard head vulcans.