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The evil half of Kami-Sama, Piccolo really isn't all that bad. At first he is extremely evil, wanting to take over or destroy the world. He attempted to kill Son Gokou on a number of occasions, each time being defeated, and each time vowing to get his revenge. Butsomething, or maybe someone, changed that. Because of Gohan (who had been training with Piccolo for a year), Piccolo learned to love, and almost completely abolished his evil. Piccolo becomes one of the "Z Fighters" during the fight with Vegeta, and protects Gohan with his life. He fuses with Nail during the Android saga in order to defeat Freeza, and stays fused for the rest of the series. Also, when Androids #16, #17, and #18 come to kill Son Gokou, Piccolo fuses back with Kami-sama in order to defeat them. Piccolo maintains a substantial role throughout all three series, and is an important asset to the show.