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Pilot / Trowa Barton Production Site / L3 Colony Cluster
Created by the scientist Doktor S and piloted by a young warrior known as Trowa Barton, the Gundam Heavyarms is designed for sheer long-range firepower. Heavily armed and armored, it's packed with enough guns and missiles to wipe out a squadron of battleships. As a result, the Heavyarms is the Gundam best equipped to carry out mass combat against multiple foes. However, its limited ammunition can prove a liability during extended battles. The Gundam's primary weapon is its beam gatling, which is integrated into the gatling shield worn on its left arm. Its chest houses another pair of gatling guns and two machine cannons; the missile pods on its legs house 24 micromissile launchers; and each shoulder contains three lethally accurate homing missiles. In the rare event that an enemy survives to reach close range, the Heavyarms is also equipped with a heat blade on its right forearm.