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Gokou and Chichi's first son, Gohan shows phenomenal power at a very young age. The key to his strength is anger; whenever he gets extremely angry, Gohan unleashes all the power within him, surpassing even his father at times. When he was only five years old, he was trained by Piccolo for an entire year, who had seen the great promise in Gohan's strength during the fight with Raditzu. During that year, Piccolo and Gohan form a unique bond, making Piccolo a sort of second father to him. Later in the Vegita Saga, Piccolo even sacrifices his life to save his Gohan's. As he grows older , he learns to become a Super Saiyan at about the age of 12, and because he becomes enraged during the fight with Cell, he is the first to surpass the Super Saiyan level (SSJ2). Seven years afterward, Gohan enrolls at Orange Star High School where he meets his wife, Videl. Gohan and Videl have a daughter named Pan at the end of DBZ.