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Pilot / Duo Maxwell Production Site / L2 Colony Cluster
The Deathscythe, the second of the five Gundams dispatched to Earth as part of Operation Meteor, was created by the scavenger organization known as the Sweeper Group. It was developed by the Sweeper Group's Professor G, an expert in stealth technology. Thanks to the hyper jammers on its backpack, the Gundam Deathscythe can scramble enemy radar and visual sensors, remaining invisible to its foes until the moment it strikes them down. Its high speed makes this Gundam ideal for such hit-and-run tactics, and pilot Duo Maxwell exploits this capability to the hilt. The Deathscythe's primary weapon is its lethal beam scythe, supplemented by the standard vulcans and machine cannons. The Gundam's buster shield also functions as a weapon, equipped with sharp pincers and a central beam blade; the shield can even be launched at enemy mobile suits, to deliver its killing blow at a distance